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Below is a link to the netbooks, which are extensive notes about the Dragon Galaxy and the areas it interacts with. Feel free to use any of the material in it, but if you try to make money with it you'll need my written permission. All the copywright bullshit applies. As long as you aren't trying to make money off my ideas, go for it. If you have any questions or feeback, something isn't finished you'd like finished or fleshed out, etc, you can contact me at Always happy to talk about this subject. If you would like to become canon in the annals of the Dragon Galaxy, tell what your parties have done here, in as much detail as you want, and I will enter it into the history. Unless you destroy a planet I didn't want destroyed or something like that. That'll have to be some alternate timeline material then.

Dragon Galaxy Reference Materials (The Netbooks) - These materials are a constant work in progress. They are always changing and being expanded upon. They cover the Dragon Galaxy and other galaxies, places and planes that relate to it.